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Le Parados Inc. is an organization with the mission to welcome and provide shelter to women who are victims of domestic violence and their children. While providing a safe haven to live in, we ensure that their immediate needs are met; we facilitate their social inclusion; and we are committed to studying, promoting, protecting and developing their rights and economic and social interests in every way.

Incorporated in June 1982, our shelter opened its doors on July 1, 1983 and offers today 16 accommodation places.

Le Parados is a not-for-profit organization which receives funding from the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal). An annual fundraising campaign also collects various donations from the community.

Over the past 30 years Le Parados has housed more than 2,000 abused women, most of them accompanied by their children. Thousands of telephone requests for assistance have been answered and hundreds of conferences and awareness sessions have been offered in various settings. Dozens of women have also been supported through our outpatient and post-housing services.

Today, Le Parados works with a community of women who are victims of domestic violence, providing them with shelter, education and outpatient services.

For more information on Le Parados, please visit: www.leparados.ca

Nature of the contribution

The Executive Director will oversee the achievement of the organization’s mission by mobilizing all stakeholders in its quest to help the community of women and their children who are victims of domestic violence restore power over their lives, through the sharing of values such as of respect, autonomy and solidarity.

Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for the development of the general administration of the organization. Her role will be to plan, direct and manage as a leader all the activities of the shelteroH and of its employees and to see to the implementation of strategic initiatives and action plans for the coming years.

The Executive Director will be recognized for her commitment and investment in the mission, her intervention philosophy and her values. She will stand out for her exceptional qualities as an empathetic leader, which will enable her to work with her team in the development of partnerships, and to navigate both the social and community sectors. Sharing her vision will inspire employees, partners, as well as the women who benefit from the services of the organization and the Board of Directors

Her flair for philanthropy will enable her to apply best practices that stimulate growth and revenue streams.

Main Responsibilities

Stakeholder Relationship

  • Ensures positive outreach of the organization, its mission, programs and services.
  • Ensures an excellent relationship with funders and donors. Works hard to solicit new revenue.
  • Represents the organization in her relations with all partners and stakeholders, including various levels of government, consensus-building organizations, donors and volunteers.
  • Oversees all requests for grants and sponsorships with a view to capitalize on opportunities available in their areas of involvement.
  • Maintains harmonious relationships with donors and partners and respects the commitments made to them.
  • Supports and participates in strategic thinking.
  • Collaborates with the Board of Directors to communicate the vision and strategic orientations.
  • Presents her action plans and required resources to the Board for approval.
  • Prepares regular monitoring of plans and performance indicators according to the criteria of the Board of Directors.


  • Shows a leadership that embodies the mission and values of the organization.
  • Mobilizes a team of over 22 employees to develop their full potential with empathy and authenticity in the service of women and children coming to take back control of their lives.
  • Sets goals, evaluates performance and takes the necessary measures to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Manages compensation and employee benefits.
  • Sets up the necessary organization to ensure successful and smooth operations.
  • Ensures sound management of material resources.

Finance and administration

  • Provides financial stability to the organization.
  • Supervises human resources, financial and accounting activities.
  • Prepares the annual budget and has it approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Carries out a rigorous follow-up on revenues and expenses and ensures that the processes in place allow for adequate control of the financial situation.
  • Submits required reports to the Board of Directors within agreed parameters.
  • Ensures that all administrative processes comply with laws, regulations and good management practices.
  • Ensures rigorous accountability to maintain the organization’s status.

Board of Directors and Governance

  • Participates as an ex-officio member of various Board committees.
  • Supports the operations and administration of the Board by advising and interacting with members.
  • Maintains communication between the Board of Directors and employees.
  • Meets with the Chair of the Board on a regular basis to review important issues and ensures that the Chair is briefed on important issues on an ad hoc basis.

Competency Profile

Known for her excellent management track record, the Executive Director will need to demonstrate sound judgment and a natural ability to understand and act on operational and financial issues. In addition to exercising leadership with authenticity, the individual will perform with an unwavering sense of execution. Breathing passion for the mission and her work and showing enthusiasm, she will instill the team spirit and dynamism required to accomplish this important mission.

Experience – Qualifications and skills

  • Undergraduate and/or graduate level of higher education in social work, psychoeducation, psychology, sexology or management and administration.
  • Minimum of 10 years of management experience, ideally at least 5 years of experience in executive management of a multidisciplinary team including Finance, Human Resources, Material and Informational Resources, etc.).
  • Public speaking skills and the ability to deliver a compassionate and emotional speech
  • Knowledge of the community, social and philanthropic environment with a well-established network of contacts in Quebec.
  • A sharp focus on growth objectives and the ability to develop a strong brand image for Le Parados.
  • Fluently bilingual (written and spoken) in English and French; with superior writing skills in French.
  • Mobilizing leadership based on values of respect, development, coaching and recognition.
  • Integrity. Accountability.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Operational optimization.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Candidates who wish to apply for this position must provide us with their current resume via e-mail before September 1, 2021. You will receive an acknowledgement confirming that we have received your documents.

By e-mail: krobert@electi.ca and gestionrh@stellariggi.ca
Subject: Executive Director – Le Parados
Start date: October 2021

Le Parados provides an environment that is free of discrimination, and invites Women, Indigenous people, visible or ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to submit their candidacy. It you have a disability and need assistance to participate in you hiring evaluation process, please let us know in a timely manner so accommodation measures may be taken to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. We will keep this information strictly confidential