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Fondation Québec Philanthrope (FQP) is a philanthropic organization enabling individuals, families, organizations and corporations create endowment funds to meet the current and future needs of their community. This in turn promotes the well-being of the community and its vitality by supporting causes that are important to them, and in a perennial way. The organization accompanies them in their philanthropic journey and manages the administrative and fiscal aspects on their behalf. Fondation Québec Philanthrope also reaches out to all those who wish to make the noble choice of this commitment to society in the name of philanthropy.

The Foundation’s philanthropic assets now total more than $100 million, including more than $26 million in funds under management associated with special programs.

The first of eleven foundations created in Québec, the Foundation now ranks among the two largest community foundations in Québec and among the fourteen largest in Canada. It is one of 193 community foundations in Canada with more than 850 philanthropic funders supporting organizations in all sectors of the charitable community it serves. On behalf of fund creators and through various programs, the Foundation will have paid out nearly $12 million in 2020 to nearly 500 charities and grant recipients in the greater Capitale-Nationale region, the Chaudière-Appalaches region and their surroundings. Of this total, more than $5 million in philanthropic funds are donated each year in financial assistance.

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In the wake of an unprecedented global crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, philanthropy is undergoing a major shift. It is in this context that the Chief Executive Officer is mandated by the Board of Directors (BOD) to increase philanthropic engagement and enhance the Foundation’s reputation and influence. The CEO also manages all activities in an optimal manner to achieve the Foundation’s mission and objectives. To this end, the CEO implements the policies adopted by the Board of Directors, provides leadership, advice and guidance with a view to put forth the philanthropic vision and strengths of the Foundation.

Main Responsibilities

Implement policies and decisions of the Board of Directors

  • Serve as a valuable resource to the Board in their strategic decision-making process;
  • Compile, interpret and present information to the Board – information about community trends and resources – to enhance the Board’s effectiveness with regards to communication, decision-making and long-term planning;
  • Keep the Board informed (in a timely manner) of important issues affecting the creation and management of philanthropic funds as well as the allocation of financial assistance;
  • Oversee the development and delivery of briefings for new board members;
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Board of Directors on matters such as the establishment and interpretation of policies and procedures, decision-making and accountability;
  • Attend board meetings and serve on various committees when required by the Board;
  • Contribute to the production of documents and the keeping of records and minutes for distribution.

Initiate and lead the Foundation’s orientations and strategic actions

  • Develop, plan and implement the means necessary for the promotion and the evolution of the Foundation;
  • Manage the planning and activities linked to the strategic thinking process and to the evolution of the Foundation;
  • Establish a strategic plan and annual business plan; monitor implementation and regularly revisit and update as needed;
  • Manage the Foundation’s assets in a sound manner in order to sustain the fund and increase financial assistance;
  • Establish, maintain and cultivate relationships with funders, grantees and partners in order to accomplish the mission and goals of the Foundation;
  • Organize events and promotional activities to increase the visibility of the Foundation and create more awareness; and recognize fund creators;
  • Act as the organization’s spokesperson to the media and other external stakeholders;
  • Generate and provide information about the Foundation’s goals and services;
  • Encourage and supervise the involvement of volunteers;
  • Guarantee the positioning of the Foundation, particularly in the management of government programs, and ensure the sound administration of programs in the interest of the Foundation and of the various parties involved.

Build strategic partnerships with the aim to expand the reach and the impact of the Foundation, and contribute to the organization achieving their goals more effectively, particularly alliances with:

  • Créateurs de fonds;
  • Fund Creators;
  • Community Foundations of Canada;
  • Recognized philanthropic entities;
  • Beneficiary associations or community groups;
  • Board and staff members;
  • Board Committees;
  • Fund managers;
  • Accounting and Taxation professionals;
  • Federal and provincial governments, with regards to tax liabilities;
  • And all other professional associations.

Control and supervise the financial management of the Foundation, in close alignment with the relevant legal authorities (CRA, AMF)

  • Ensure that the annual budget is prepared in accordance with the orientations of the Board, present the budget to the Treasurer for evaluation and, if necessary, subsequent amendments;
  • Identify and develop new funding sources, prioritize efforts required in this regard, and provide advice and guidance to the Board to capitalize on these new sources;
  • Maintain relationships with the fund managers and auditors of the Foundation;
  • Support fund creators in the organization with their fundraising efforts;
  • Stay abreast of the organization’s financial, statistical and accounting records;
  • Ensure that the operational results set out in the annual budget are achieved, and control operational expenditures within the adopted budget;
  • Ensure the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of accounting and financial reports.

Manage human, material and information resources

  • Ensure team coordination, lead and mobilize employees;
  • Ensure effective recruitment, selection, integration and training of competent and efficient staff, taking into consideration financial and material resources;
  • Provide leadership to the Foundation staff through goal setting, delegation of authority and effective communication;
  • Lead staff meetings with a view to communicate relevant information and follow up on activities;
  • Ensure that salary and compensation structures are appropriate;
  • Create a Policy & Procedure Manual for staff, and maintain it up to date;
  • Produce and maintain job descriptions for all employees;
  • Conduct performance appraisals according to prescribed procedures;
  • Formulate and implement appropriate corrective measures;
  • Ensure that the workspace, furniture and equipment are designed to meet organizational needs;
  • Ascertain the needs of the staff with respect to the requirement for information resources to adequately support operations within the approved annual budget;
  • Equip the Foundation with technological processes and tools enabling communications and transactions to be adaptable to the evolving needs of customers and partners, including relevant information technology systems.

Position Fondation Québec Philanthrope in the environment of emerging philanthropic trends and within Community Foundations of Canada

  • Position Fondation Québec Philanthrope to be among the major philanthropic authorities in Québec and in Canada;
  • Lead active representation and the integration of related strategies within the largest community foundations in Canada (Group 3, Global Network, Francophone Foundations Network);
  • Represent and position the Foundation at the political level, in order to initiate interventions with the most significant authorities in the philanthropy landscape in Québec and Canada;
  • Represent and position Fondation Québec Philanthrope among the most significant foundations and community players in Québec and in Canada;
  • Develop and implement various programs and relevant initiatives according to the needs of the community;
  • Integrate and deploy coherent strategies in line with emerging national and international philanthropic trends, including impact philanthropy.

Candidate Profile


  • Undergraduate degree in administration or a relevant discipline.


  • Experience in managing a community-based organization;
  • Experience in the management of volunteers;
  • Experience in the management of medium and large work teams;
  • Minimum of 7 years of managerial experience, with at least 5 years in a community setting or in the philanthropic sector;
  • Experience initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating programs and services;
  • Experience in human resources management;
  • Experience in advocacy and strategy development;
  • Bilingualism: major asset.

Skill set

  • Mobilizing leadership based on respect, development, coaching and recognition; managerial courage;
  • Demonstrated affinity with the following values:
    • Diversity and inclusion: representing the social and community fabric of their community;
    • Commitment: in reference to the gifts of time, of expertise and of money, and of sharing and working together;
    • Expertise: different types of donations (immediate, planned) and appropriate legal and fiscal framework;
    • Innovation: be a pioneer in the field;
    • Transparency: integrity, objectivity and transparency when actions are performed.
  • Strategic, structured and systematic thinking;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Availability outside regular working hours.

Candidates who wish to apply for this position must provide us with their current resume via e-mail before December 24, 2021. You will receive an acknowledgement confirming that we have received your documents.

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Subject: Chief Executive Officer – Fondation Québec Philanthrope (FQP)
Start date: as soon as possible

Fondation Québec Philanthrope provides an environment that is free of discrimination, and invites Women, Indigenous people, visible or ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to submit their candidacy. It you have a disability and need assistance to participate in you hiring evaluation process, please let us know in a timely manner so accommodation measures may be taken to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. We will keep this information strictly confidential.